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RKS - Reinhardt KettleBell System

Why buy the RKS System

Workouts are only 30-minutes or less and can fit into any busy schedule.
The Kettlebell is a compact gym, so you don’t have to pay to belong to a gym or buy large amounts of dumbbells, barbells and weight plates.
Add lean muscle and shed fat without paying huge amounts of cash to a trainer.
Kettlebells are the best fat-burning workout: Shown in a recent ACE study to burn 20cal/min…Kettlebells are an efficient and effective use of your training time. No longer spend dreadful hours of “cardio” on a treadmill, elliptical or bike with no results.
Everything you need to transform your body is in one Kettlebell and the 9 RKS DVDs.
Repeating the same exercises and same routines over and over will never produce results…RKS provides a plan for increasing strength and conditioning through continuous progress.
RKS is a full-body strength and conditioning program that will not let any parts of your body lag behind.
Isolation, working one body part at a time, is a thing of the past. Functional training, working the body as a whole, is the best way to stay active, injury free and healthy in life.
Kettlebells are portable, if going away for a weekend, throw the Kettlebell in your trunk and you can work out anytime. Save yourself that $25/day you would have spent on gym day passes.
Kettlebell exercises are fun, the workouts are challenging, and the results will amaze you!
Kettlebells are great for core training. Core training involves strengthening the muscles of the hips and torso (both front and back) used to stabilize the spine and pelvis. This base of support is used to hold us upright, pick things up and generate powerful movements with our extremities, as well as, protect our low back.  Traditional crunches and sit-ups for your abdominals cause low back pain and injury over time, while core stabilization re-teaches the muscles of the hip and torso to work together to protect the spine and back from injury.

A $750 value for just 3 monthly payments of $39.99 ($19.95 S&H)
Or select a single payment option.
Money-Back Guarantee.