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RKS - Reinhardt KettleBell System

Exercise Guide

RKS Instructional DVD teaches 19 core kettlebell exercises. Below are some sample exercises:

A full body conditioning exercise and a hip thrust strength move in one. Utilizing the glutes and hamstrings to move the kettlebell from between the legs to chest high, where a rigid core and arms stop the kettlebell’s momentum and returns the kettlebell back through the legs. Not one muscle in the body is neglected in this “king of kettlebell exercise.” 

The goblet or rack squat is a great leg exercise requiring strong abdominals while training gluts, hamstrings and quads. Over time with the assistance of hip flexor stretches, one is able to reach squatting depths, not seen is most gyms, by dropping down until hamstrings touch calves. 

The kettlebell press is more than just an upper body exercise. Utilizing the rigidity created by the quads, glutes, and midsection to produce a stable base of support, the kettlebell is pressed using the lats, delts and triceps, making this a full body press. 

Uses the glutes and hamstrings to move a kettlebell from the ground to the kettlebell rack position in one smooth motion. As the kettlebell lands in the rack, the lower body is rigid, with tight quads, glutes and braced abdominals, preparing the body for pressing, squatting, lunging, etc. 

A great exercise that works the whole leg and core, as well as, conditioning. With a variety of lunge movements utilized, such as forward, reverse, and side lunges, the legs are hit from every angle.  Then as you advance and become stronger the kettlebell’s position is changed from goblet to rack and finally overhead to add even more variety.  The last and most difficult variety is the Tactical Lunge, which is a revere lunge where the kettlebell is passed from side-to-side each rep, underneath the forward leg. 



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