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RKS - Reinhardt KettleBell System

Owen The Instructor


  • (RKC) Certified Kettlebell Instructor
  • (FMS) Certified Functional Movement Specialist
  • Bachelors of Science Degree in Chemistry from St. Bonaventure University, NY
  • Over 12 years of personal and group training experience

Owen's Discovery of Effective Kettlebell Training

After suffering numerous shoulder injuries that resulted in daily pain, Owen stumbled upon Kettlebells as a solution to his own injuries. He quickly noticed how powerful Kettlebell exercises, such as the Turkish Get-Up, were for restoring the stability in his shoulder. In a short time, he recovered from his shoulder pain and saw a noticeable increase in his strength and overall conditioning.

Who Owen trains

Currently, Owen instructs and guides athletes, celebrities, individuals and groups towards their individual goals. Whether it's a goal to increase strength, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning or shed unwanted body fat, Kettlebell training is the most effective tool to deliver the desired results.


Develop Functional Strength- full-body training with a kettlebell works the targeted muscles over a greater range of motion which has carryover to life's everyday activities
"When was the last time you had to do a triceps kickback or leg extension in your daily life?"
Develop Cardiovascular Conditioning- kettlebells will build stronger lungs and heart better than any steady state cardio ever could
"If you are tired of mindless hours of treadmill running with little benefit, then kettlebells are the answer."
Core Strength- the off-centered weight of the kettlebell strengthens the stabilizing muscles of your hip and torso, used to protect your spine, better than any other training device
"Something gravely missed if you strap yourself into a "machine" or sit on benches while training."
Flexibility- kettlebell exercises are designed to extend the range of motion of the user over time
"No more holding poses for endless amounts of time."
Shed body fat- kettlebells will increase metabolism, add lean, dense muscle and produce growth hormone which has fat-burning effects by doing full-body or multi-joint movements
"If you want to see those abs there is no quicker way to it."
Efficiency of workouts- combining Cardio, Strength and Flexibility training in one, you can spend less time training and see greater results
"Who has time for 1 hour with weights, and hour on the treadmill then 1-1/2 hours in yoga...not me!"
It's fun and safe for any person of any size, shape or age- without the impact of running, your joints will be healthier and you can injury-proof your body with proper form
"When running, your leg is jarred with 6 times your body weight with every leg strike...pretty sure that will cause injury before swing a 24kg kettlebell ever will."

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