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RKS - Reinhardt KettleBell System

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is RKS?

RKS stands for Reinhardt Kettlebell System which Doug Reinhardt an athlete and television personality developed with World Class Certified Kettlebell Trainer, Owen Evans. RKS is a full body workout that increases ones strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning; all while simultaneously melting away unwanted body fat. Unlike other Cardio centric programs RKS is the first complete fitness system to provide the user with expert kettlebell instruction. There are 16 workouts total that will transform your body over a 4-week program.

2. Why Doug created RKS?

After committing to fight in the Somaly Mam Charity boxing event Doug needed to get in great shape with not a lot of time to train due to his busy schedule. He needed to lose weight fast and get in shape but also had to retain his strength. Doug got in such unbelievable shape that he felt like he had an obligation to share it with the world.

3. Why RKS is more effective than any other system?

RKS is a full body workout that incorporates strength and cardio fitness all at the same time. Kettlebell exercises burn more calories than any other type of workout. More than running, biking, lifting weights. Kettlebells cut down the time of being in the gym so you have your free time to do other things you enjoy. 4 times a week 30 min a day that’s all you need.

4. Who can use RKS?

RKS is geared for the average person wanting to shed extra pounds. RKS is for anyone who is looking to get that body they always wanted. You can start the program with never having worked out before or be a World Class athlete and still be able to use the RKS system. The best part is that it’s highly effective and you go at your own pace.

5. How long does RKS take to use?

The RKS system is so effective that with 30 minutes or less a day 4 days a week the results are incredible. RKS is ideal for someone with a busy schedule.

If you are in shape you feel better about yourself. You get healthier, your health care costs go down, and you work harder.

6. Why are the workouts only 30-minutes?

There are a several scientific reasons why we decided to limit the workouts to 30-minutes or less.  First, the intensity and focus in workouts drops significantly after 30-minutes.  Second, when your training session goes over 30-minutes, you begin to enter a state of catabolism or “muscle breakdown” for energy and release of a fat-storing hormone called cortisol.  This means instead of adding muscle and losing fat, you would be doing the exact opposite tearing down muscle tissue and storing fat…that won’t get you the body transformation you hoped for!

7. Why do you train only 4 days per week?

RKS is a full body strength and conditioning program that addresses strength two days per week and metabolic conditioning the other two.  With all this activity if you don’t give yourself proper rest, recovery, and nutrition; then your risk of injury or muscle fatigue will increase.  Since you are training your full body in every workout, days off are crucial for rebuilding muscle.

8. Is this program appropriate for both beginners and individuals with more kettlebell experience?

Yes, all levels of kettlebell experience can use this program.  For beginners, we suggest you start out with a lighter kettlebell while you are learning form and going through the workouts for the first couple times.  Once you are comfortable with the technique of each exercise; you can upgrade your kettlebell weight for an additional challenge.

9. As a beginner, how would I keep up the pace with more experienced kettlebell users?

The RKS program was designed for anyone of any level of experience.  There are timed sets, so you can work at your own pace and rest as needed.  There are exercise options, so if you are not comfortable with a particular move you can do another movement.  Pushing yourself to complete more reps and sets each time you do a particular workout is the foundation of the system.

10. Is RKS appropriate for someone with a sore back or back problems?

As long as you have been cleared to workout by your doctor; you can use RKS.  Proper kettlebell posture and learning to move with your hips will work to correct poor posture; re-teaching the body to use your abs and butt as your core, (eliminating back pain).  Plus, a recent Scandinavian study showed that a routine of kettlebell swings will strengthen and reduce pain in the upper and lower back.

11. How do my arms get bigger if there are no bicep curls or tricep kickbacks?

The era of isolation exercises or training arms, chest, back, legs on separate days is a thing of the past. Training has evolved and full body workouts are more effective, time efficient, and better for building a balanced and lean physique.  If you really want bigger arms, then use a heavier kettlebell. The RKS program will cover all major movement patterns and not leave any body part lagging behind.

12. Is the Pink 8kg kettlebell too heavy for me?

The Pink 8kg kettlebell is 18lbs which is equivalent to a 1 year old toddler.





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