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RKS - Reinhardt KettleBell System

Unleash The Body Within JUST 30 MINUTES, 4 TIMES A WEEK for a complete cardio & strength training workout. ORDER NOW

About KettleBells

Kettlebells are becoming one of the leading strength and cardio training regiments used by athletes, celebrities and even the military. Originated in Russia, the kettlebell is a cast iron weight which helps develop explosive power, endurance and burn calories at an astonishing rate.

Unlike traditional bodybuilding exercises that seek to isolate and sculpt one muscle, Kettlebell training involves compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, and consequently develop strength and muscular endurance throughout the entire body. Additionally, this type of training integrates one’s breathing, movement and alignment along with the ability to control and balance the weight. This multidimensional approach helps develop a healthy body that is flexible, strong, lean and well coordinated.

Who Should Use KettleBells

Kettlebells are recommended for anyone to increase their strength, cardiovascular conditioning, or transform their body into what they always desired. However, it should not be attempted by women who are pregnant. Anyone with significant past or present knee, shoulder, spine (back or neck) problem or other significant physical problems should consult their physician before beginning this or any other exercise program.

Recommended Sizes are 8kg / 18lbs for Women. 12kg / 26lbs for Men and 16kg / 35lbs for Larger Men or Heavy Lifters.


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