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10 Steps to a successful body transformation

1.  Decide that you want to make a change in your life and commit to doing it.

It’s not enough to just say that you are unhappy with your body or level of fitness, you must also choose to change bad habits while building new healthy ones.


2. Set a long term body transformation goal.

Long term goals would include, “I want to lose 30 pounds” or “I want six pack abs”, they include anything that will motivate you training and diet.


3. Choose a training program that’s in line with your long term goal.

If you want to lose your belly fat, then you would choose a strength program that  included interval conditioning, like RKS, so you could add lean muscle and shed body fat at the same time.


4. Make sure that program will fit into your lifestyle.

Choosing a program of weights and treadmill cardio, which might take 1.5 hours (not including drive time, changing, waiting for equipment, showering,…), this is not going to work into a busy schedule of work, family time, yard work, kids activities, etc.  A shorter more intense program done at home in 30 minutes would be better suited to achieve the results you desire without neglecting your family and obligations.


5. Create short term goals.

These goals are smaller incremental goals that will be achieved on your journey towards your long term transformation.  So, if you wanted to “lose 30 pounds” a more manageable short term goal would be to “drop one dress or pant size in 4 weeks”.


6.  Create deeper more specific daily, weekly and monthly goals.

These goals are action based and easily controlled by you, while also supporting your long term and short term goals.

Examples of Goals:

Daily: “I will eat small meals every 2-3 hours.”

Weekly: “I will complete all 4 RKS workouts this week.”

Monthly: “I will set personal bests every week in my workouts, by doing more reps or completing more rounds.”


7. Take “Before” photos

These are a constant reminder of why you are training and eating right.  Plus changes in your body are hard to see when you look at yourself every day, so having a photo to remember where you were and see how much you have achieved is helpful reinforcement that you are doing things correctly.


8. Record your physical stats

Starting with your “before” stats, keep record of weight, body fat (if its available) and/or circumferences (waist, hips, upper legs, arms, shoulder and chest) and re-check every week, two weeks or monthly to see your progress.  Don’t become obsessed with checking the scale daily as this is a common pitfall for people.


9. Keep a training log

With any good training program, you should be following the same set of workouts for about 4 weeks and trying to do better each successive week.  The only way to remember what you accomplished last week is to write it down, that way before your workout you can go back and recall what you accomplished, that way you have some idea of the reps, rounds or sets you need to beat.


10.  Keep a nutrition log

Writing down everything that you eat will make you think twice about  jamming a jelly donut into you mouth.  Plus, looking back you can find common occurrences where you slip in your diet, like missing a snack between 2pm and 3pm every day.


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